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Builders Update passes stringent standardsset by Return Path, certifying mail as authentic

AUSTIN, TX — Builders Update, creator of theonly national new home inventory CRM specifically catering to licensed realestate agents, has just received Return Path certification. 

“This distinction will allow Builders Updateto offer more timely communication with our growing list of registered membersthat have opted in to receive our email updates,” said Bill Gaul, CEO ofBuilders Update, “and avoid getting caught up in corporate spam filters sincethey know we are a trusted source of valuable information.” 

Return Path certification is only bestowedupon companies that have passed a diligent investigative process to ensure thattheir distribution list meets the objectives of the CAN-SPAM act. Daily reportsare generated to maintain continuous monitoring of our outgoing mail, whichneeds to operate within the standards of various leading ISPs to include Yahoo!Mail, Hotmail and others in addition to corporate email systems that subscribeto Return Path’s services. 

“Now, we are able to offer a level ofinstantaneous customer service through email that before was getting caught upin some corporate email systems,” stated Lee Goldstein, Chief Operating Officerat Builders Update. “Major corporations trust that we have passed and continueto pass Return Path’s rigid standards and accept our mail without question.”

About Return Path

Return Path is the worldwide leader in email intelligence. We analyze more data about email than anyone else in the world and use that data to power products that ensure that only emails people want and expect reach the inbox. Our industry-leading email intelligence solutions utilize the world’s most comprehensive set of data to maximize the performance and accountability of email, build trust across the entire email ecosystem and protect users from spam and other abuse. We help businesses build better relationships with their customers and improve their email ROI; and we help ISPs and other mailbox providers enhance network performance and drive customer retention.  Information about Return Path can be found


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