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AUSTIN, TX —Builders Update, creator of the only national new home inventory CRM specifically catering to licensed real estate agents, has created additional functionality to provide limited access to our database for prospective homebuyers.

“This new portal was created specifically to assist real estate agents wishing to empower their clients as well as improve delivery of real time information,” stated Bill Gaul, CEO of Builders Update, “As new inventory becomes available, an agent can electronically and instantaneously send to their client floor plans, elevations, pictures, and all the other relevant information needed to determine their interest in a particular property. This greatly speeds up the purchasing process.”

“Since our service is designed to serve real estate agents, prospective home buyers must either indicate the agent that they are currently working with, or have an agent assigned to them in order to have full access to the site’s data,” added Lee Goldstein, Chief Operating Officer. “If their agent is not yet using the free services of Builders Update, they are invited to register to monitor their client’s activities, and use all the other time saving tools available, free of charge.”

For those prospective homebuyers that are not yet represented, they will have limited access to the full data available, but immediately be offered the opportunity to have one of Builders Update’s currently registered agents in their area of interest give them full access and assist them in their home buying decisions. To the homebuyer, using the professional services of a licensed real estate agent should be an easy decision since it doesn’t cost them anything and more likely will save them lots of money and/or save them from making bad decisions. Purchasing a home is still the American dream, and working with an agent that has access to much more information to assist them can keep that dream from turning into a nightmare.

Real estate agents love this new functionality since it has the potential to create additional leads for them without cost, just for being a registered member of Builders Update. In addition, once their clients are using the system, they are able to monitor their actions and interests so that they can introduce them to the right builder before they stumble on their own in the wrong direction, which is a huge time saver for everyone.


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