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Builders Update launches national service allowing builders to inexpensively put their inventory in front of licensed real estate agents exactly when they have a buyer in their car 

AUSTIN, TX — Builders Update, creator of the only national new home inventory CRM specifically catering to licensed real estate agents, has launched nationally today.

At the outset of the housing downturn, Builders Update was formed to take advantage of the ‘resulting new economy’ in new home construction drastically lowering advertising costs for builders while displaying available inventory accurately and including the information agents need in order to make a quick sale.

“We knew that the housing industry would recover at some point,” stated Bill Gaul, CEO of Builders Update. “New home construction is the cornerstone of the American economy; for every new home built, according to data from The Home Builders Group, an average of three jobs is created for a year and generates about $90,000 in tax revenue. We wanted to be part of the ‘Getting America Back To Work’ campaign, and since over 70% of new homes are sold with the assistance of a licensed real estate agent, this site was needed to facilitate a greater need for new home construction.” 

Builders Update’s management team traveled across the country to meet with industry leaders within both the building industry and real estate brokerages to determine exactly what the industry wanted. This site was created by agents for agents, which satisfies the long standing need of builders who need to reach this elusive group exactly when they had a buyer in their car. Previously, builders spent massive amounts of cash trying to build their brand and let agents know what they had available to sell. However, the timing was not always perfect, and agents felt it was time consuming to go from builder site to builder site where the data was not always accurate or complete.

There was an opportunity to create a tool making it easy for agents to search all available new home inventories in one place at the right time, easily and accurately, while greatly reducing marketing costs. This is something builders needed in the new economy, passing their savings on to buyers to create more market share for them.

“We are excited to fulfill this need,” added Gaul. “As soon as the product was launched, we began to see thousands of agents across the country begin to use the site and spread the word to other agents through social media since it was free for them to use. The website is starting to take on a life of its own. We have many new features planned in the near future to facilitate prospective customers being matched with real estate agents specializing in new home construction and then introduced to the right builder and community for them.”


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