The Latest: Published 01/17/2014
Builders Update uses leading edge responsive design in the launch of its new website

Austin, TX (January 17, 2014) — Builders Update, the leading online resource for new home inventory, announced the launch of its brand new website today at the Inman Connect Conference in New York City. The site uses cutting edge responsive design to create a consistent visual and interactive user experience from desktop to mobile devices.

“The Inman Real Estate Connect Conference is the preeminent forum for introducing significant technology advances in the industry,” stated Bill Gaul, Builders Update CEO. “By leveraging responsive design in our site, we are catering to the increased use of mobile devices so important to the ‘on the go’ lifestyle of real estate agents. We wanted to deliver a tool that meets the growing need to access available new home inventory as existing inventory starts to shrink.”

Builders Update hosted a launch party last night at the Grand Hyatt New York to preview its new technology to a select group of VIPs, C-level executives and real estate industry thought leaders. The response was overwhelming positive since more than 70 percent of new homes are sold by licensed real estate agents.

“With over 80 percent of consumers using websites to search for new homes, and over 65 percent relying on mobile and tablet search engines, the transition from PC/laptop users to tablet/smartphone users has been radical and fast moving,” stated John Navarrete, Managing Partner of Prologue Branding Group, the branding strategy firm selected by Builders Update to design the site. “Our goal was to deliver the Builders Update message and value proposition succinctly and effectively in a device agnostic manner.”

“Responsive design is about understanding how your audience consumes your content in today’s digital era,” added Juan Barrera, designer of the new website’s look and feel. “It’s a fluid design solution that works with the user as they transition from laptop to tablet to smartphone during the normal activities of their workday. It was the logical choice for Builders Update to use considering the dramatic shift to mobile devices within the real estate community.”

In August, Builders Update was granted a patent for its online search engine, which connects prospective buyers of new homes to real estate agents. The company covers 100 of the nation’s top metros and displays more than 80 percent of the total new-home inventory available in the U.S. MLS participation is growing dramatically as boards across the country seek out the technology for its members.

About Us

It started with a map…

In this new economy, over 70% of new home sales are completed by licensed real estate professionals working with pre-qualified prospective buyers. And while finding and selling pre-owned homes is relatively easy, finding new home inventory—to-be-builts, spec homes, condos and lots—is notoriously difficult for agents and homebuyers alike. So we set out to make the new home buying process easier, more transparent, and a better proposition for all parties involved.

The challenges were numerous. Our research showed that agents wanted a system that was easy to use, accurate, regularly updated and comprehensive, with the entire new home inventory in one place. Builders wanted their inventory in front of agents the moment the agent had a qualified buyer on the hook. They also wanted the flexibility to update inventory instantaneously at an affordable price. And homebuyers wanted more detail to make smarter decisions about their new home.

We started with an interactive map. From there, we began packing on features to systematically address each of our target users’ pain points. We launched our test site in the state of Texas at a time when the economy and homebuilding industry produced the lowest amount of starts in the past decade. The result? We proved our business model. Our model thrived.

Today, Builders Update is the #1 source of new home inventory in the nation, with the most up-to-date and accurate information about to-be-built homes, condos and lots available. The site is fast, easy to navigate, safe, and consolidates everything an agent needs to know in one location they can access 24/7. Our patented system grants builders and vendors the exclusive visibility to agents they’ve been asking for. And homebuyers now have unprecedented support, guidance and information to make informed decisions about the purchase of their dream home.

And we’re growing. Builders Update displays over 75,000 properties from more than 175 national and local builders in more than 100 metropolitan areas in the United States, and more inventory is added everyday.

Builders Update is used by more verified real estate agents than any new home site on the Internet.

Builders Update continues to be a pioneer and a force for economic growth, helping America get back to work by promoting new home construction and facilitating strong, open and honest relationships among agents, homebuyers, builders and vendors.

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